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quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

Learner vs Grinder in The Poker Blueprint

Não sou gajo de me prender muito a um livro, mas este para já parece ser diferente.
Um excelente livro, para aqueles que querem aprender em vez de ficarem a grindar como se não houvesse amanha.

Deixo-vos aqui algumas "passagens"...

The “learner” will try to understand difficult poker concepts and try to outplay his opponents.
He desires knowledge.
He knows he can get better.
He wants all the edges he can get.
He enjoys playing poker.
Every bad beat is simply a result of variance

The “grinder” only wishes to win money and does not care to improve his game.
He is content with his marginal winnings and taking money from the occasional fish.
He plays at the same stakes for months and even years. 
Every bad beat results in anxiety or anger.
He loses control of himself and his game deteriorates.
He is doomed to mediocrity.
Poker becomes a grind.

As a professional, it's always best to play your A game and quit when you no longer operate at a high level.
Of course, it's difficult to be rational when you are tilting.
No one can. Thus, I developed a system to help me put things in perspective.

Querem mais? :d  Comprem o Livro :p !

E já agora, bom ano e até 2012 !